Категория: Гидропоника

This book will show you how to build and use a flood and drain hydroponic garden. Using the English System of measurement a complete set of plans with 68 CAD drawings. Written instructions and comments, with 11 CAD figures will guide you in building and using the Herb Garden. The parts list has 43 items. Most are from your local stores with one or two items ordered over the Internet. The Herb Garden's over all dimensions are 5'-6" tall, 6'-8" long and 2' wide. Place near a drain and tap water source such as a sink. Use common hand tools to build it. The energy used is less than a 200 watt light bulb. High quality fluorescent plant light tubes that help produce low light plants like dill, parsley and leafy green plants up to 16" tall. Using fertilizer crystals that dissolve in tap water makes a very inexpensive nutrient solution. The plants grow well in the same temperature that you are comfortable with.